Iota Upsilon Lambda Chapter Meeting

On December 23, 2008, in Alpha Phi Alpha, by Mills
Bro. Langston Smith (President) and Hon. Bro. Ike Leggett (County Executive, Montgomery County, MD)

Bro. Langston Smith (President) and Hon. Bro. Ike Leggett (County Executive, Montgomery County, MD)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit with the Brothers of Iota Upsilon Lambda, who are doing magnificent things in Maryland.

In 1999, Iota Upsilon Lambda purchased the former Smithville Colored School also known as the Smithville Rosenwald School named after Julius Rosenwald who provided seed money to establish Southern schools for people of color (for information visit here Article from IUL website | Article from Historical Marker Database) from Montgomery County, with the understanding that we would rehabilitate the school’s main historic building by creating a Museum and an Education Center. This particular school was built in 1927 and closing in 1952. The Smithville School is believed to be one of only 5 still standing in Maryland.

The chapter meets in this former one room school house and have shown a commitment to handling the business of Alpha by taking a symbol, representative of a different time in American history, and using it for the benefit of all Americans.

With all that Alpha Phi Alpha has done to promote education and scholarship, it is fitting that the Brothers have purchased such a monument for future generations to see and appreciate where we all began. It was also good to see the Brothers focused on that side of Alpha that ensures we maintain a solid organizational structure — without it, how would the Brotherhood exist?

In all this was a very good visit with us leaving with financial contributions and an endorsement. What more can a candidate ask for? Thank you to Bro. Langston Smith and the members of IUL; you all will not be forgotten.

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Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter Meeting

On December 14, 2008, in Alpha Phi Alpha, by Mills

Thanks to Bro. Paul Brown and the good Brothers of Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter for their hospitality. Last night there was an opportunity to address the Brothers of PUL and engage in some dialogue regarding the important issues of the Fraternity.

Brothers of Pi Upsilon Lambda chapter

Brothers of Pi Upsilon Lambda chapter

Anyone who believes or even thinks a regional election is a “walk in the park” process, should follow my schedule. Brothers are engaged and want to ensure the next leader of this region has the fortitude to withstand the rigors of such an office.

In the end, Brothers are genuinely focused on knowing what a candidate’s plan is to move Alpha (and the Eastern Region) to the next level. The Brothers of PUL were just as concerned about ensuring a strengthened relationship between college and alumni Brothers, as they were with regional and national goals.

In short, will there be a focus on strengthening the “Brotherhood” bond between us all.

As I close this entry, it should be noted that not only is Brotherhood (Fraternity) the first tenet of the Esprit de Fraternité platform, it is also the most discussed topic within the blog postings, as well as the “Alpha Prose” section of this site. Without the Brotherhood there is now Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity…there would be no INC to handle the business of what the Brotherhood does. The fraternal bond is what brought us together, and will continue to guide us as we move forward in strengthening the Brotherhood.

As one good Brother always notes within his email signature file, this is what I encourage all to do: “Think Alpha Phi Alpha, Talk Alpha Phi Alpha, Promote Alpha Phi Alpha, and Labor for the broad principles of idealism for which Alpha Phi Alpha was created, so that humanity shall look on us as a body worthwhile.” (Bro. Henry L. Dickason, 6th General President-elect).

Did I mention having been honored to partake of some of the BEST banana pudding, during repast, I’ve ever had this side of my grandmother? WOW! Thank you to Bro. Paul Brown and the Brothers of PUL, your concerns and thoughts will remain prevelant throughout this campaign.

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Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter Meeting

On December 13, 2008, in Alpha Phi Alpha, by Mills

Last night I visited with the Brothers of Kappa Epsilon Lambda. Thanks to Bro. Stan Cunningham for allowing an opportunity to address the Brothers. We are all connected through this common bond and are each working in a collective manner to impact society in a positive way. As I’ve travelled about, there have been a number of Brothers who have a connection to a member of Delta Lambda chapter; and as always, I take the good tidings back to the respective Brothers.

You know, there are a some who may say college Brothers aren’t engaged in our “political” process. Well, its not clear which college Brothers they’re referring to, as each of those I’ve met have proven they’re just
as intune with the happenings as any Brother from an alumni chapter. As a matter of fact, two of the Brothers from Eta Zeta (KEL’s parterning college chapter) were extremely focused on the details educational portion of the Esprit de Fraternité platform. These are definitely two Brothers that will be immersed within the leadership ranks of Alpha.

The Brothers of KEL and Eta Zeta have proven Alpha’s relevance will continue well into the future. Thank you to Bro. Stan Cunningham and KEL for your hospitality; we look forward to having you all as a part of Team Esprit!

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