Follow-up Faith…

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#Repost @TailoredMotives “Faith always has to be followed up by some type of action, because inaction in itself already demonstrates you don’t believe enough to take the first step.” People say they want the world and believe they should get it, yet they wait for it to be handed to them.

Faith means to believe in your dreams and in yourself to a point that you’ll go to the ends of the world to get it because you know it’s there and it’s given, you just have to go out and fight (hustle and work your ass off) for it.

Fight for what you believe in and don’t let doubt ever slow you down because the more you work for something the less doubt can point fingers.
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Each day you have to move with purposeful intent towards your goal. It won’t happen without action. You can’t begin if you don’t move and you don’t move forward if you stop moving. You have to remain hungry and go for what you want. #MakeItHappen here and now. Don’t worry about yesterday and tomorrow’s not promised to us…