MEN … Stand Up.

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Out of all the decisions I’ve made in my life one of my #TopFive has been joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. It’s been 28 1/2 years as a member and not a day of regret. For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve had the honor of serving the Brothers of the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, along with Bro. Brandon R. Johnson (@DrBRJohnson), Bro. Julian Jackson (@_JulianJackson) and now Bro. Gus Tolson, III (@PhillyBred06). It’s great being part of a Brotherhood of leaders dedicated to the uplift of not just one another, but our community as well.

Each time I have the pleasure to speak before them it’s usually with a message to encourage that we as men remain active and engaged in the lives if our children, families and communities. If the men active aren’t and engaged each will suffer. Our presence is needed…more now than ever. We must do all necessary to organize and plan how to move our communities forward. If a legislative agenda is needed, we MUST put it together. If an economic development and plan of financial stability is needed, we MUST create one. Noone will do what we can and need to do for ourselves. Let’s #MakeItHappen and #DoItNow because we MUST #DoForSelf.

Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, let’s #MakeItHappen.