The Real Hustle

On September 5, 2015, in Inspiration, instagram, Thoughts, by Mills

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If you’re behind on your bills, your dreams and not where you ever wanted to be in your life then Friday Night is GAME TIME!

The real hustle starts on Friday night!

Don’t you dare get carried away with after work drinks, parties or going out and hanging out with your broke friends…you want something different don’t you?

If you want different results and to live an exceptional life then you better be prepared to do something so drastic and different to everyone else around you that it scares the hell out of them!


You’ve got dreams to build and empires to create and you’re tired of letting circumstances and money rule your life…that all changes by making use of your free time and working on yourself and your grand vision for life!

Don’t waste another weekend!

Get to work and be an elite performer so when Monday comes around you are one step closer to never having to work for someone else again and can be the master of your own destiny!

If you keep doing what everyone else does, you will end up with what everyone else has…and I know that’s not what you really want!